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parkinson's diseaseliver diseasekidney diseaseenlarged prostate (bph)peyronie's diseaseHIV infection/aidsbleeding disorderstomach problems

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viagra (sildenafil)cialis (tadalafil)daily cialislevitra (vardenafil)caverjectmusetrimixpenile pump/ringpenis ring

adam (androgen deficiency in the aging male) questionnaire:

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Conveniently located in Mount Pleasant serving the Greater Charleston area.

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– Andrew M.

“I have been a customer for almost two years and have only praise for their services, which have certainly helped me and my wife. The reception staff is first class, as of course is the Doctors.”

- Andrew M.

– Gary S.

“The personnel at Men’s Clinic are professional and friendly. I never feel uneasy or intimidated during my visits. I feel that having an all men staff promotes the relaxed atmosphere at the clinic. I’m looking forward to a better lifestyle. Thanks!”

- Gary S.

– Benjamin R.

“I surely can say from the first day I received my first visit with the Doctor, everything went just fine for me. My problem was treated, and I am satisfied. I was taken care of by good professionals in the office.”

- Benjamin R.

Roy A.

“Professional, Competent, and expert analysis. Took the necessary time to explain and educate this patient on the specifics of care. Subject matter expert physician.”

Roy A.

Thomas R.

“Was excited with the results of the first test run and was thinking how marvelous it is. Unfortunately, we found that the arteries in the penis were likely in too poor condition to help. (I should have had more frequent sex either with a partner or by myself)”

Thomas R.

Dan B.

“I felt the people were professional and the setup of the office makes you feel your being treated discreetly. The most important thing is that the treatment works.”

Dan B.

Timonthy B.

“The entire team extends a professional and compassionate approach to those hoping to find a solution to this unfortunate condition.”

Timonthy B.

Joseph B.

“This clinic is rock solid. Great group and great results.”

Joseph B.

Scott A.

“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.”

Scott A.

Bruce B.

“Very professional and attentive to my needs and expectations. Always courteous”

Bruce B.

Todd W.

“I think the Mens Clinic is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Todd W.

Gene K.

“This is a GREAT place and their products work.”

Gene K.

Carl N.

“Caring service. Jeremy wants do to the right thing.”

Carl N.

Jeff W.

“Great initial visit, very educational.”

Jeff W.